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Welcome to my page!


2015年4月 - 旦那さんのドイツへの赴任から始まった、ケルン(Cologne / Köln) での新生活! 気分一新、このサイト YUKIHO STYLE を始めました。

ドイツでの日常生活の様々な気付きやお勧めスポット、海外情報と便利グッズの紹介などを "Blog" で。昔から好きでこだわりのあるファッションや美容関連のトピックを "Fashion&Beauty" で!




My name is Yuki, and originally I am from Japan.

I have moved to Germany in April 2015 due to my husband's work, and...

My new life has begun in Cologne!

I will take this opportunity and want to start my official webpage & blog: YUKIHO STYLE - main topics will be my daily life in Germany, fashion and some useful items and more♪

Germany suits my laid back lifestyle: besides visiting language school and dancing flamenco, I can enjoy life in the slow lane.

Let me introduce my daily life in Germany to you, through Yukiho's lens!

June 2015